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On the eve of the technological singularity LOST DRONES focuses on the possibilities of a more humane treatment of man´s exo-prothesis: the drone. The pressing issues of our time, when the machine learns to think, are faced here by the exemplary behavior of a person lingering in the frontier zone.

We ask:
Did mankind miss the crucial point of the growing self-awareness of artificial intelligence and does it therefore turn to wildlife?

"It might happen as well [...], that people are looking for [...] LOST DRONES." (Westfälische Nachrichten)
"An inspiring experience." (Die Fortunisten)

G/NL 2015, 25 min

With: Roland Niehn, F. Bielefeldt u.v.a.
Narrator: Die Fortunisten – F. Bielefeldt
Research & Concept: Die Fortunisten
Camera, Sound, Editing: Die Fortunisten – A. Gruner
With music by: Dennis Tan, Bomm Vrit
Translation: F. Bielefeldt / C. Duemler / G. Knolle
Production: Die Fortunisten

Will be screened from 20th. Oct through 11th. Nov 2017 at Festival für electronic arts: Generate!° in Tübingen.

Will be screened on 17th Mai through July 2017 at WRO 2017 Biennale: DRAFT SYSTEMS in Wroclaw.

Was screened on 10th June 2017 at 10th International Documentary Filmfestival: "Okiem Młodych" in Swidnica.

Was screened on 22nd Okt 2016 at Pavillon Kreuzberg TRANSHUMAN MOTIVATION in Berlin.

Was screened from 1st to 30th of Oct 2016 at 5th. Mediationsbiennale FUNDAMENTAL in Poznan (Poland).

Was screened from 1st of July to 25th of September at OSTRALE`O16 ERROR:X in Dresden.

Was screened at Cellu l'arte Kurzfilmfestival in Jena in April